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EasyTalk Sound Bar

999-8565-000 | Vaddio

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999-8565-000 - EasyTalk Sound Bar

When added to the EasyUSB Mixer/Amp, the EasyTALK Sound Bar offers high-fidelity voice support of far-end audio for any conference application. It can be positioned above or below a flat screen TV or sit freestanding on a desk or credenza. A pair of rubber speaker feet are supplied for tabletop mounting.

Key Features:

One (1) EasyTalk Sound Bar (non-powered) for use with EasyUSB Mixer/Amp
3.75-inch paper cone woofers for superior dynamic impact
0.625-inch aluminum tweeters for superb clarity
Dimensions & Weight: 4.75" (120.65mm) H x 37" (0.94m) W x 4.25" (108mm) D, 15lbs (6.8039kg)