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AutoPresenter | Vaddio

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AutoPresenter | Vaddio
AutoPresenter | Vaddio
AutoPresenter | Vaddio

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PTZ Camera Controller and Video Switcher with Transitions and Automatic Camera Preset Triggers

Vaddio's AutoPresenter is designed to make it easier to present and create content in the classroom by combining the automation of people and content in one easy-to-use technology. The ability to control PTZ cameras, switch up to six types of content (video, document camera, whiteboard, PC, etc.) and display a PIP makes AutoPresenter the most vital piece of equipment in a virtual classroom.

The AutoPresenter can switch up to six video inputs in analog component HD (720p/1080i/1080p), RGBHV (up to 1920 x 1200) and SD video (NTSC and PAL). Individual video transitions including fades, wipes and dissolves can be programmed as required, while each video input can be up/down converted to create a common aspect ratio and resolution. An additional output converter will convert YPbPr component video to a DVI/HDMI digital output for integrating with Cisco and Polycom codecs.

The AutoPresenter allows the presenter to automate up to 72 predetermined presets for any type of content (video, document camera, whiteboard, PC, etc.). The PIP option allows any of these types of content to be shown at five different screen positions, in three different sizes within each preset.
Key Features:

Controls up to six cameras and stores 72 camera presets internally
Six-port automatic video switcher
Transitions include cut, cross fade or a variety of wipes from .01 to 4.0 seconds
Connects to Vaddio Precision Camera Controller via Link Ports
Master RS-232 Control Port
Compatible with Vaddio, Panasonic, Sony and Canon robotic PTZ cameras
PIP can be arranged in five different positions, in three different sizes