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Professional-quality wireless lavalier microphone system designed to plug directly into your PC.

The EasyTALK Wireless USB Mic System is the worlds first professional-quality wireless microphone system designed to plug directly into your PC. It features a high-quality unidirectional lavalier microphone and belt pack transmitter with up to ten hours of battery life. And the 2.4GHZ full frequency spectrum is based on a wireless digital transmitter and receiver that offers interference-free operation and wide-band sound quality.

There are two audio outputs to connect directly with your room’s existing audio system and with the enhanced DSP functions; you can customize the audio for specific room and speaking conditions. Besides both balanced and unbalanced outputs, the wireless mic system also incorporates a USB audio output.

The USB audio output can be directly connected to a PC as a microphone input. Whether your application is streaming or lecture capture – even video conferencing – adding professional audio is no longer an issue. And because it uses a standards-based UAC USB driver it’s truly a plug and play device so no software, drivers or configuration is needed – resulting in an easy system setup.
Key Features:

HD Wireless link with frequency hopping (AFH) for interference-free operation
USB Audio output on receiver for connection to PC for Skype-type applications
Rechargeable belt pack unit for extended hours of operations using lithium-ion battery pack
Wide band audio (20Hz to 20KHz) support
USB 2.0 Audio Class Device (UAC) / no drivers required
Balanced and unbalanced line outputs
Supports mixing modes for USB conferencing or as standard wireless mic
Unidirectional lapel microphone
User Selectable DSP with advanced processing (dip switches)
Radio Link operates up to 100 feet
GPIO Control Status
RS-232 ASCII Command Protocol