EasyUSB PRO Mic Duo | Vaddio

EasyUSB PRO Mic I/O Duo

EasyUSB PRO Mic Duo | Vaddio

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EasyUSB PRO Mic Duo | Vaddio
EasyUSB PRO Mic Duo | Vaddio

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Includes two EasyUSB PRO MIC I/O Microphone Input Devices in a 1-RU kit for using eight microphones with the EasyUSB Mixer/Amp.

The EasyUSB PRO MIC I/O Duo is designed to integrate any professional microphone with Vaddio's EasyUSB audio solutions. The PRO MIC I/O incorporates Vaddio’s unique SmartMIC technology into the mixer, providing distributed multi-channel acoustical echo cancellation and automatic microphone mixing. Additional DSP/Digital Signal Processing technologies include noise reduction, microphone gating, equalization, filtering and AGC for automatically calibrating to the live requirements of the room.

The PRO MIC I/O Duo comes equipped with eight independent echo cancellation microphone inputs and two discreet outputs for interfacing to the Vaddio EasyUSB Mixer/Amp.

Key Features:

Two (2) EasyMic PRO Microphone Mixers
Allows third-party professional microphones to be used with the EasyUSB Mixer/Amp
Features eight built-in wide-band echo cancelling channels