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WV HD-22 D | Vaddio


WV HD-22 D | Vaddio

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WV HD-22 D | Vaddio
WV HD-22 D | Vaddio
WV HD-22 D | Vaddio

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High Definition DVI/HDMI Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera Control System based on the Vaddio PowerVIEW HD-22.

Vaddio’s PowerVIEW PTZ cameras bring 3-Chip broadcast camera performance to a Single-Chip camera. Based on third-generation Maicovicon MOS imaging sensor technology, the HD-22 improves color and brightness uniformity, ensuring an improved high definition image quality.

The HD-22 comes equipped with a multi-element 22x optical glass auto-focus zoom lens that provides up to a 66-degree field-of-view for a wide range of telephoto or wide-angle shot options. An impressive 128x wide dynamic range covers both light and dark contrasted areas and a Color Capture light system produces vivid color images without color saturation or filtering.

The PowerVIEW HD-22 is the industry’s first robotic PTZ camera to use the new MOS 1/2.8-Progressive Scan imaging sensor. By suppressing uneven brightness, the HD-22 provides an unmatched low-light performance of 0.4 LUX and a Super Sharp Detail technology for auto-sharpening fuzzy images.
The WallVIEW HD-22 DVI/HDMI delivers simultaneous component (YPbPr) and digital video (DVI-D and HDMI) outputs on separate connectors, ideal for videoconferencing apllications, multiple monitoring and large projection systems.
Key Features:

22x Optical Zoom Lens
1/2.8-Type High Speed MOS Image Sensor
2.2 Megapixels
Quick-Connect DVI/HDMI for video (YPbPr & DVI/HDMI), power and control over two CAT-5 cables up to 100 feet
Simultaneous YPbPr and HDMI Outputs, HD Resolutions (1080p/59.94/50/29.97/25 frames/s, 1080i/59.94/50 fields/s, 720p/59.94/50 frames/s
SD in YPbPr only (480p/59.94 and 576p/50)
Daisy-Chain Control Emulations (DCCE)
Thin profile wall mount and mounting hardware included